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America's Future: Revitalizing Civic Culture for Public Education

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Philadelphia, PA

United States

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January 1, 1999 -
December 31, 2001

In Philadelphia, current initiatives are beginning to produce results in improved student performance in elementary schools. The Eastern Philadelphia Organizing Project was created as a result of successful organizing of elementary school parents around safety, building conditions and bilingual education. However, parents are now realizing that high schools have been the forgotten public education institution — as their children grow up they stand little chance of receiving a good education in the failing middle and high schools. As a result, the organization is now increasing its efforts at the middle and high school level.Multiyear funding will support community-driven school reform in three local high schools and one middle school. Organizing will focus on five basic areas of reform: school climate; attendance; curriculum, standards and teaching approaches; promotion and graduation; and test scores. This project forms one part of a long-term strategy and is combined with other education work and civic culture revitalization around urban issues. The project will be implemented in three phases — assessing current conditions, developing leadership and developing school-community partnerships. Youth United for Change will collaborate on the project.The Eastern Philadelphia Organizing Project, created in 1994, has a membership of 17 churches, parent associations and community institutions representing more than 20,000 families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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