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Ariadne Network Membership

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United Kingdom

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January 1, 2020 -
December 31, 2021

This grant supports the membership and administrative costs of Ariadne, a network of funders who work together to promote and protect civil society and human rights in Europe. Ariadne is a project of Global Dialogue, a nonprofit organization registered in the United Kingdom and based in London. The network has 155 members from 22 European countries. Key activities of the project include an annual conference focused on a range of issues important to members, an annual skill-building workshop, a series of roundtables focused on policy and contextual updates and trends, and periodic workshops and webinars on selected issues. With an active online portal, the project facilitates ongoing exchange among members on rapidly changing issues, including the closing space for civil society. Through its networking activities during the next two years, the project will focus on encouraging and assisting funders to think critically about and play a positive role in addressing the most pressing issues in Europe, including the rise of far-right populism, xenophobia, and the closing space for civil society.

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