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Strengthening Community School Partnerships in Ukraine

Institute for Sustainable Communities

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $112,001
  • Grant Period March 1, 2002–September 30, 2004
  • Location Montpelier, VT, United States
  • Geographic Focus Ukraine

About this grant

Schools offer an excellent entry point to involve citizens in community life, since most, being either parents or grandparents, are concerned about the education of young people. The school can be a vehicle to not only educate, but to foster youth participation in local problem solving. For youth to thrive, they need to be well-versed not only in the traditional skills of reading, writing, math and science, but also in the citizenship skills they will need in a complex and globalized world. Multiyear funding will support a project to engage citizens in two Ukrainian communities in identifying educational needs, using local resources to support these needs, and solidifying positive civic actions by youth in addressing community priorities. The project, working in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Communities’ ongoing Local Environmental Action Program (LEAP), will integrate economic and social factors in addressing priority issues identified by LEAP communities. Activities will include training, student internships, study tours, youth-led projects, and networking and dissemination.The mission of the institute, founded in 1991, is to help communities around the world address environmental, economic and social challenges.