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Revealing Race

Media Monitoring Project

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $70,000
  • Grant Period April 1, 2005–March 31, 2007
  • Location Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Geographic Focus South Africa

About this grant

Despite the end of apartheid in South Africa, race relations continue to thwart the building of a nonracial, democratic society. Given the power that the media has in shaping opinions and influencing how people perceive race and racism, it is vital to have independent, factual and objective information about how it reports on race and racism in South Africa. Multiyear funding will enable the Media Monitoring Project to examine how the media in its various forms addresses the question of race in South Africa. Its goal is to share findings with the government, civil society and other groups to enhance understanding of the role that the media plays; develop guidelines for journalists on race reporting; compare how various media represent race and racism; and raise awareness of the media’s responsibility to discourage racial stereotyping.The Media Monitoring Project was created in 1993 to promote the development of a free, fair and ethical media culture in South Africa and the rest of the continent.