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Community Foundation Research and Development Incubator

Grant Amount


Geographic Focus


Grantee Location

Grand Haven, MI

United States

Grant Period

January 1, 2003 -
December 31, 2004

For the past seven years, Michigan Community Foundations’ Ventures has been working with 65 community foundations statewide on marketing projects that explore ways to enhance the position of community foundations in the public eye.Multiyear funding will enable the project to produce research papers and communication portfolios in the areas of real estate gifts and charitable gifts made through will and bequests. The portfolios will include educational materials and marketing tools to help community foundations work effectively with donors and their advisors. Funding will also support evaluations of previously developed market readiness tools.In early 2001, the project name was changed from the Venture Products Fund to the Community Foundation Research and Development Incubator to reflect the project’s impact on community foundations nationwide. Recent accomplishments included providing financial and technical assistance to Community Foundations of America for the development of a paper on high-net worth individuals; and launching a readiness campaign to provide messages and tools to help community foundation staff and board members understand the value of marketing.

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