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Single Online Filing Portal

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United States

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Boston, MA

United States

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July 1, 2016 -
June 30, 2018

The goal of the project is to create an online portal that will allow nonprofit organizations to comply with all states’ registration filing requirements through a single online portal. The Multistate Registration and Filing Portal, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation created by state agencies in 2013 to develop and manage a single portal system of online registration for nonprofits. A single online portal will maximize efficiency, data transparency, and information sharing by enabling compliance with registration requirements for all states without duplication of data entry. Through public access, the portal will also allow for more timely, accurate, and complete data and research on the nonprofit sector. Over the next year, the portal will be developed and tested for 12 pilot states (including Michigan). Convenings with relevant stakeholders will be held to gather feedback and promote usage. The portal later will be expanded to include all 39 states that require registration.

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