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Lake Erie Water Quality Standards Project

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Columbus, OH

United States

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January 1, 2001 -
December 31, 2003

A significant portion of the Lake Erie basin falls within the state of Ohio. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s (OEPA) implementation of the Clean Water Act affects the health of not only Lake Erie, but the rivers and streams within its watershed, as well. The Ohio Environmental Council monitors development and implementation of water quality policies in the state, particularly those relevant to the health of the Great Lakes water resources.Multiyear funding will enable the council to pursue opportunities to strengthen OEPA’s water quality programs. Activities will include monitoring the implementation of rules enacted through the Great Lakes Initiative; contributing to the implementation of the Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan; working in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation on several issues; participating in OEPA’s process to revise its antidegradation policy; contributing to OEPA’s development of new "headwater habitat criteria"; and participating in the review and revision of the state’s regulations addressing discharge of dredge and fill material into streams and wetlands.

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