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Science Panel for the Amazon: Key Dialogues on Sustainable Development and Forest Conservation

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Geographic Focus

South America

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New York, NY

United States

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April 1, 2021 -
March 31, 2023

Almost 17 percent of the greater Amazon and 20 percent of the Brazilian Amazon have already been deforested and the aquatic system disturbed. Scientists warn that this globally important tropical rainforest may never recover if the current development model driving deforestation and extraction of commodities continues. To reverse the trend, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network has coordinated a prestigious science panel for the Amazon to work with the international community, including international financial institutions, to propose a science-driven conservation and sustainable development model for the rainforest. This proposed project would support the grantee to conduct a series of dialogues with financial institutions and mainstream media to promote the science panel’s recommendations for forest protection and low impact economic development.

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