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Internally Displaced Persons and Communities: Building Tolerance Through Dialogue

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June 1, 2019 -
May 31, 2021

The program goal is to support the development of strong and inclusive communities in Ukraine that are addressing the needs of internally displaced persons. The Ukrainian Women’s Fund will adapt its model for supporting and integrating internally displaced persons at the community level with a view to eliminating any stigma associated with internal displacement. Working in four regions, it will work with incipient community organizations aimed explicitly at integrating displaced persons with active local peers to achieve community change. In 2017-2019, the grantee conducted in-depth training and coaching sessions with community initiative groups in six target regions. This resulted in a wide range of community advocacy projects on issues such as environmental protection, administrative reform, support for the elderly, and access to social services. Founded in 2000, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund helps women’s civic organizations play an active role in the processes of democratization of society and contribute to equality, justice, and respect for human rights.

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