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Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment

University of the Witwatersrand

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Strengthening Civic Space
  • Grant Amount $450,000
  • Grant Period July 1, 2022–June 30, 2025
  • Location Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Geographic Focus Africa

About this grant

The project goal is to promote philanthropy in Africa by generating new knowledge and building a cadre of experts, researchers and academics in African philanthropy, social investment and related disciplines. The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment, a project of the University of the Witwatersrand, works to bridge the gap in the study, research and practice of philanthropy in Africa. To achieve this, the center has produced research on various forms of giving in Africa, delivered academic and certificate programs, hosted learning events, and strengthened its capacity to deliver on the work. During this grant period, the center will; 1) deliver academic and certificate programs to build a cadre of experts in philanthropy; 2) produce academic research to build content for its programs and new information on philanthropy in the continent; 3) host learning events to share research and engage practitioners on various topics related to philanthropy; and 4) produce and disseminate publications on philanthropy in Africa.