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Creating Digital Dividends Conference

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Civil Society

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Washington, DC

United States

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January 1, 2000 -
December 31, 2000

The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have access to computerized information and the Internet, and those who do not. Although more than 200 countries have Internet access, the United States and Canada account for 50 percent of all people with Internet access. Technical experts note that technology has come to the aid of the poor recently, resulting in the eradication of certain diseases and the agricultural revolution. These experts also believe that the digital divide can be diminished in size, and the digital technology can be used to address global poverty issues. This is the digital dividend.//Funding will support a conference aimed at engaging the information technology industry in using business models to create digital dividends, rather than perpetuating the digital divide. The conference will be held in mid-October 2000 in Seattle. Participants will include business, government and nonprofit sector leaders.//The World Resource Institute was created in 1982 to perform policy research and education, and help address the question of how societies can meet human needs and nurture economic growth while protecting the environment.

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