Interactive Map of Grants

The Mott Foundation works with the New York-based Candid, a Mott grantee and a leading authority on U.S. philanthropy, to provide mapping and charting tools to view and sort our grants data by a variety of criteria.

It’s important to note that the charts and maps reflect the location of grantee organizations and not necessarily where the grant money was ultimately used. For instance, grantees based in Washington, D.C., or London may be working across the U.S. or the globe to strengthen philanthropy or further civil society, among other goals. The geographic focus of individual grants can be accessed in our online grants database.

In addition, the information generated by the Candid interactive program may vary from that generated by the grants database, or reported in the Mott Foundation’s tax returns and financial reports found on this website. These minor variations primarily are due to the timing of when Mott reports its grants to Candid and the differences in how the grants are coded by each organization.

With that brief disclaimer, we hope these tools help provide a more comprehensive geographic picture of the extent and reach of the Mott Foundation’s grantmaking. Click the map for enlarged detail and further functionality.

Maps available from Candid can be based on U.S. grantmaking or global grantmaking:
Candid interactive map of grants