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The Future of Learning
Three Black teenaged girls work with electronics attached to a laptop. They all wear masks.

Mott Perspectives | Education

The Future of Learning

The struggle to emerge from the pandemic has created a watershed moment in education. Ridgway White explains why we need to find reinvention in recovery.

In PFAS, grassroots group sees a familiar threat
A man crouched on a shoreline collects a sample of foam containing PFAS compounds.


In PFAS, grassroots group sees a familiar threat

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is supporting a community-based group working to address the burgeoning PFAS crisis on multiple fronts.

Gilchrist’s Mizzen playlist
A college student helps a student create a poster.


Gilchrist’s Mizzen playlist

Curated by Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II, this Mizzen playlist is designed to help young people recover from the pandemic and thrive.