Amazon forest at a tipping point

Series examines crisis, highlights solutions

Thumbnail image of an infographic titled: Amazon on the brink. The Amazon runs through a forested area. Text reads Amazon on the brink.

In 2021, a group of 200 scientists known as the Science Panel for the Amazon produced the first comprehensive assessment of the world’s largest tropical forest. They concluded that one-third of the Amazon already has been damaged or destroyed and that immediate action is needed to prevent an ecological catastrophe that would have global implications.

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation created a series of five infographics to help draw attention to the landmark study, Amazon Assessment Report 2021. Mott is proud to support dissemination of the report and related dialogues with policymakers, the public and banks that fund development in the forest.

As the Science Panel for the Amazon presents its findings in New York City this week alongside the U.N. General Assembly Meeting and ahead of Climate Week, we’ll share one new infographic per day from Monday through Friday. We hope you’ll share them with your networks to bring attention to what the experts say must be done to save this globally important ecosystem.