Charities Aid Foundation awarded grant to promote workplace giving in South Africa

Charities Aid Foundation-Southern Africa (CAF Southern Africa) was recently awarded $225,000 from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to support a three-year effort to promote workplace giving in South Africa. Since 1999, CAF South AfricaCAF Southern Africa has been encouraging employee giving and an increasing number of companies are currently developing workplace-giving programs. Examples include the ABSA Bank, whose program involves more than one-sixth of its employees nationwide contributing toward HIV/AIDS programs, and British Petroleum (BP), which encourages employees to volunteer or contribute to an organization and provides a $5,000 annual match. To date, more than 30 other companies have expressed interest in the concept.

Mott funding will enable CAF Southern Africa to design, market, implement and administer employee giving and matching gifts programs at five new companies each year; develop information technology to administer programs; sponsor exchanges with CAF-United Kingdom (UK) and Australia to provide training; and partner with other organizations such as the Southern African Grantmakers Association (SAGA) and the Nonprofit Partnership regarding tax incentives for giving.

CAF Southern Africa was established as an offshoot of CAF-UK’s activities in Africa and works to promote corporate and individual giving in South Africa and southern Africa. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) was established in 1974 to assist donors and charities both in the UK and beyond. Since 1988, Mott has provided more than $5 million to CAF, including $1 million to support an endowment to CAF-Russia. In addition, Mott has contributed more than $400,000 to the development of community foundations in Russia through technical assistance and networking opportunities.

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