Mott responds to war in Ukraine

The Ukrainian flag.
Ukraine's national flag. Image: Nisaul Khoiriyah/iStock

As Russia’s hostile invasion of Ukraine continues unabated, we want to offer an update on the Foundation’s effort help address immediate humanitarian needs. Mott has set aside $2 million for humanitarian aid and civil society support within Ukraine, as well as assistance for refugees from Ukraine who have fled to other countries.

So far, we’ve made the following grants totaling $1.8 million:

  • A grant increase of $300,000 to the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland to help community foundations in countries neighboring Ukraine assist refugees. The grantee will provide grants to community foundations in European host countries for a wide range of refugee-related activities, including purchase and distribution of items needed for humanitarian aid, volunteer recruitment and training, and integration and adaptation services for people arriving from Ukraine.
  • A $500,000 grant to Ednannia to support Ukrainian community foundations as they respond to local humanitarian needs in their communities. Ednannia will provide grants to up to 18 Ukrainian community foundations to ensure that they can effectively respond to the needs of their communities, internally displaced persons, and volunteers as well as donors seeking to direct their support to communities. Community foundations also will support local authorities in establishing shelters for displaced people, coordinate logistics of humanitarian support deliveries and collect funds for their communities. In addition to managing the regranting process, Ednannia will continue to provide informational and organizational development support to Ukrainian community foundations.
  • A grant increase of $200,000 to the Network of European Foundations to support the European Programme on Integration and Migration to make grants to civil society organizations across Europe that are responding to the needs of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian refugees.
  • A grant increase of $100,000 to help Gorenie expand its efforts to provide timely and relevant information and support to people evacuating active warzones, while also ensuring that those mobilized to military duty under martial law are aware of their rights in service. The grant also will help to ensure safety of staff and partners working in Gorenie’s current network of offices, which may include transferring them to new locations so they can continue to provide assistance to the public.
  • A grant increase of $100,000 to the Legal Development Network to help its members provide up-to-date legal and other information to Ukrainians affected by the war. This includes information on property rights and compensation, housing and humanitarian services available in different parts of the country, services and documentation available for internally displaced people, and information on documentation and safety for people fleeing the country.
  • A grant increase of $150,000 to the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union to support emergency relocation needs of its employees, help expand its network of public reception offices to increase access to legal assistance for Ukrainians, allow UHHRU to monitor and document any human rights abuses and war crimes committed by Russia’s occupation forces, and build legal practitioners’ knowledge of international humanitarian and human rights law.
  • A grant increase of $50,000 to the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation to help enhance training for paralegals who will help coordinate humanitarian and legal assistance in conjunction with government agencies and other civil society partners.
  • A grant increase of $400,000 to People in Need to allow the organization to respond to widespread humanitarian needs arising from the war, and to support the work of Ukrainian civil society organizations during the crisis.

These grants will help to address immediate needs in Ukraine and its neighboring countries, but we know that it’s just a start and that there also will be a need for medium- and longer-term support. We are monitoring the situation closely and will identify further opportunities to support the Ukrainian people as the situation develops. This page will be updated as additional grants are made.

At its core, the war in Ukraine is a fight for democracy and democratic values. The Mott Foundation has supported civil society in Ukraine for nearly 30 years, and we know it is critical for us to remain engaged in the country. We continue to stand in solidarity with our current and former grantees, partners, consultants, friends, family and all the people of Ukraine.