• Partnership protects Michigan forests in perpetuity

    The Michigan Nature Conservancy, Midland’s Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation and the Mott Foundation celebrate the permanent protection of more than 271,000 acres of forests, lakes, rivers and streams in the state’s Upper Peninsula, known as the “big U.P. deal.”

  • Great Lakes invaluable, irreplaceable

    Efforts to protect and restore the five Great Lakes have increased after their value as a national treasure has been recognized by high-profile people, including President Barack Obama.

  • Environmental leader discusses Equator Principles

    Michelle Chan-Fishel, coordinator of the Green Investments Program at Friends of the Earth-USA (FoE) in San Francisco discusses in an interview with the Foundation issues related to the Equator Principles and FoE’s interest in the field of private finance reform.

  • Banks endorsing Equator Principles

    The Equator Principles, named for the large geographic region below the equator where developers traditionally had focused little attention on the social and environmental impacts of their projects, are modeled after policies and guidelines used by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) — the arm of the World Bank Group that lends money to the private sector.