• BEST Project Provides Good Resources for Nonprofits

    State organizations, such as the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA), serve as stepladders for the nonprofit sector because they carry news from the National Council of Nonprofits back to those working in the field. Conversely, when groups such as the BEST Project (Building Excellent Sustainability Trust), share information with statewide organizations, the state groups then pass it up the ladder to inform the national council.

  • From the Mott Archives … Autos not Apples

    This article, originally published in the September 1986 edition of the “Mott Exchange” and updated to include a few recent events, takes a brief look at one small part of the ongoing legacy left by our founder, Charles Stewart Mott, and his family.

  • Flint community-oriented policing seeks to improve public safety

    Across the country, cities are struggling to provide adequate public safety in a time of reduced tax revenue, lay-offs and escalating crime. In many communities, cutbacks have shrunk the municipal police force, yet citizens have not adjusted their expectations for police service to match those circumstances. Flint, Michigan, is no exception.

  • Strong cities, land use policies are key to nation’s future

    This interview with Dan Kildee, co-founder and president of the Center for Community Progress (CCP), focuses on how the Center is helping people around the country identify, understand and address the costs, impacts and prevalence of abandoned urban properties.

  • Tools for revitalizing communities are core of Center’s work

    Rethinking and reusing existing urban assets, rather than “carving up yet another farm field for development” are definitive steps to creating strong, vibrant and sustainable cities and regions, says Dan Kildee, co-founder of the Center for Community Progress.

  • Alternative Staffing: Adding new sizzle to workforce development

    A Mott-supported collaborative of residents and leaders from the Foundation’s home community of Genesee County, Michigan, seeks to build momentum on such issues as the development of local alternative energy industries; creation of “green” jobs and career pathways among area employers; and reduction of waste throughout the greater Flint area.