• Flint: a snapshot in time

    For the past five years, a variety of projects reshaping Flint’s downtown landscape have been a visible sign that Flint, and more broadly, Genesee County, is trying to reduce its dependency upon the automotive industry while diversifying its economy.

  • Thirteenth year of high school gives at-risk students second chance

    Too many young people leave high school unprepared for college or employment. At Mott Middle/Early College in Flint, Michigan, dual-enrolled students not only graduate with college credits, they’re contributing to the development of a new model for secondary education.

  • Midwest art museum reshapes its role in the community

    Across the country, museums and other cultural institutions are struggling to find creative ways to serve increased audiences during difficult economic times. In Michigan, the Flint Institute of Arts is reaching out to new audiences who are reinvigorating the 80-year-old institution.

  • Mott’s legacy shapes hometown grantmaking

    Neal Hegarty, director of the Mott Foundation’s Flint Area grantmaking program, talks about the factors that drive hometown philanthropy and the lessons learned over the past 80 years.

  • South African leader shares lessons on sustainable peace

    Alex Boraine, former deputy chair of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, visits students and faculty at the University of Michigan-Flint as part of a weeklong series of community events around the visit of the play, “Truth in Translation.”

  • Patient equity playing key role in downtown Flint

    Philip Shaltz, CEO of a local automation company, is one of seven Uptown Six investors working to provide a vision and some “patient equity” to help transform the city’s once lively downtown into a place where people once again can work, live and be entertained.

  • Foundation to assist in Mott Block development

    The Mott Foundation is joining with the Foundation for the Uptown Redevelopment Corporation and others in efforts to revitalize downtown Flint, Michigan. Grants will support development of the Mott Block, which includes a new complex of office and entertainment space.