What We Do

The Mott Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that are working to strengthen our hometown of Flint and communities around the world.

What makes us unique?

We stick with the issues we care about — and the grantees that have a record of success.

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We believe long-term funding offers grantees stability, which allows them to focus on important work and pursue innovation.

We fund the core activities of our grantees, rather than requiring them to shape projects around shifting priorities. We believe our grantees are experts in their fields, and well-equipped to make the critical decisions that guide their work.

In addition to our regular grantmaking programs, found below, we also support unusual or unique opportunities addressing significant national and international problems. Proposals for these Exploratory and Special Projects grants are by invitation only.

Our Programs

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Civil Society

We work to foster engaged, empowered and equitable communities throughout the world.

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Our Programs

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We fund efforts to expand learning opportunities and supports for children, particularly those from low‑ and moderate-income communities.

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Our Programs

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We support programs around the world that protect communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend.

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Our Programs

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Flint Area

We support efforts to help our hometown of Flint solve problems, create opportunities and build a vibrant future for the community and its residents.

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We provide a lot of long-term funding, but we welcome innovative ideas.

The Mott Foundation often provides long-term support to established grantees, but we occasionally fund new initiatives from innovative groups with deep expertise in their areas of interest. The best way to understand our approach? See the kind of projects we’re already funding.

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