Civil Society

We work to foster engaged, empowered and equitable communities throughout the world.

A man is shown from behind painting a wall red around the outline of letters reading 'People's Power.'

How it Works

Mott supports efforts to bring about positive change in communities.

A woman wearing vibrant patterns holds a solar lantern she received from Nguzo Africa’s green energy project.

Local communities are where people most directly relate to the social, economic and political processes taking place in their countries, and where they can be most active in shaping them. That’s why our Civil Society grantmaking focuses on building vibrant communities where all people can engage in decision-making that affects their day-to-day lives.

We work with grantees to strengthen the space for civic engagement, enhance local philanthropy and increase access to justice so all communities can address challenges and seize opportunities that lie ahead.

When people get involved in their communities, things change for the better.

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