Global Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector

We work to strengthen global support systems for philanthropies and nonprofit organizations.

Institutions that connect work on local, national and global levels help nonprofits work better and smarter.

How It Works

We support the infrastructure that helps philanthropies and nonprofit organizations respond to the needs of local communities.

We’re focused on ensuring that people and organizations working in the civil society arena around the world have ways to connect — to share stories of success, offer support and learn new ways of solving today’s most pressing challenges.

This grantmaking is organized under two objectives:

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector

We aim to help strengthen philanthropic and nonprofit support organizations through collaboration and information exchange.

We make grants to:

    • global and regional philanthropy and nonprofit membership associations, support organizations and initiatives; and
    • organizations and programs that support global community philanthropy.

Special Opportunities

We strive to remain responsive to unique opportunities to strengthen civil society.

Helping the global philanthropic community grow stronger and continue to evolve is essential in our shared pursuit of building more just and equitable societies around the world.

Nick Deychakiwsky, Civil Society program officer

Global Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector

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