United States

We aim to help the nonprofit and philanthropic sector meet the needs of individuals and communities.

When nonprofits are strong, the people they serve reap the benefits.

How It Works

We work to strengthen the charitable sector and place-based philanthropy to serve the needs of people and communities.

Our Civil Society program in the United States focuses on creating a strong charitable sector that effectively addresses community and social needs and supports community philanthropy. To achieve this, we ensure that nonprofits have the information and public policy support they need to respond to challenges and foster good governance across the sector. A strong nonprofit infrastructure benefits all charitable groups and the people they serve.

The Mott Foundation has a long and proud legacy of supporting the development of community-based philanthropy. Our grantmaking in this area has evolved over more than three decades of lifting up community foundations as local leaders of positive change. This legacy reflects the Foundation’s core belief that strong, vibrant communities are the building blocks of prosperous and free societies.

This grantmaking is organized under two objectives:

Nonprofit Sector Responsiveness

We work to foster a robust infrastructure that helps organizations and individuals engage in charitable giving.

We make grants to:

  • organizations working at the national level or in Michigan to support a favorable legal and fiscal framework for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector; and
  • leading nonprofit research and data organizations whose work informs policymaking for the sector.

Community Philanthropy

We seek to expand local philanthropy in ways that support and promote community vitality and resiliency.

We make grants to:

  • organizations that advocate and advance citizen participation and community leadership practices.

Community foundations are an ideal place for diverse interests and different voices to come together, a place where hope can bloom.

William S. White, chairman and CEO