Advancing Climate Change Solutions

We work to increase the use of renewable energy in developing countries, where nearly 1 billion people lack access to electricity.

A group of men install a solar panel in Pyulaga Village.

How it Works

We support practical solutions that increase the use of renewable energy at the community level in developing countries.

A man stands in a pile of sawdust while woodworking in an shed.

The Mott Foundation is working with partners abroad to help communities in developing countries respond to the effects of global climate change. Our objective: provide access to renewable energy in developing countries in the Amazon and sub-Saharan Africa.

Mott’s international work is focused on increasing the deployment of renewable energy systems in rural areas of developing countries, where nearly 1 billion people lack access to electricity.

We make grants to:

  • National and international NGOs, to create and nurture global and regional initiatives that help entrepreneurs address finance and policy barriers that prevent access to clean energy.
  • National and regional organizations that provide technical assistance and networking opportunities to communities in the Amazon and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Rooftop solar and other distributed renewable energy can help developing countries turn the challenges of addressing climate change and ending energy poverty into opportunities to improve communities and the environment.”
Traci Romine Traci Romine, Environment program officer


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