Flint Area

We support efforts to help our hometown of Flint solve problems, create opportunities and build a vibrant future for the community and its residents.

See Mott’s response to the Flint water crisis

When individuals partner with their communities, help, hope and opportunity follow.

How It Works

Flint’s well-being is at the root of our hometown grantmaking.

For more than 90 years, Mott has helped people and organizations work together to support and strengthen the community we call “home.” That deep and lasting commitment has perhaps never been more important than now as we continue to help Flint recover and rise from its water crisis. To those ends, our local grantmaking is helping our hometown respond to its immediate needs, reinvigorate and build upon the very real progress that was underway before the crisis occurred, and position itself to meet the tough challenges — and embrace the promising opportunities — that lie ahead.