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Enriching Lives Through Arts and Culture

We support local arts and cultural organizations as critical forces for positive change in Flint.

Brent Swanson shapes molten glass in the new Hot Shop at the Flint Institute of Arts (FIA).

How it Works

In addition to enhancing quality of life, Flint’s arts and cultural organizations are expanding educational opportunities for children and youth throughout Genesee County and contributing to the region’s economic vitality.

A man sits in front of a red brick wall and behind a collection of drums and chimes, playing a drum with his hands.

Such critical roles and positive impacts are why the Mott Foundation has long supported the local arts community as a cornerstone of Flint’s identity and well-being.

Indeed, it was 1950 when Charles Stewart Mott donated 32 acres of land located just east of downtown to establish a campus for college and cultural institutions in Flint. We’ve since helped cultivate on that land one of the most vibrant public arts centers to be found in any community of similar size in this country — the Flint Cultural Center.

We’ve also helped nurture other local arts and cultural organizations of nearly every size and focus. The resulting range of fun, engaging and educational programs, festivals and events continues to reach new audiences and bring more people to the city center, which in turn supports Flint’s ongoing revitalization.

Our current grantmaking focuses on two objectives:

Flint Cultural Center Campus

This work seeks to ensure that the Flint Cultural Center is strong, sustainable and has the capacity it needs to provide area residents, especially youth, with diverse, quality programming.

Specifically, we make grants that support capital improvements, endowments and special projects that strengthen the Cultural Center campus, its member institutions and programs.

Smaller Arts Organizations

We make grants to:

  • Support the general operations and individual programs of local arts and cultural organizations, small and large.
  • Engage local artists and creative professionals in leading programs, festivals and events that attract diverse audiences from throughout the area.
So broad and so deep are the objectives of the Mott Foundation that they touch almost every aspect of living, increasing the capacity for accomplishment, the appreciation of values and the understanding of the forces that make up the world we live in.”
Charles Stewart Mott headshot. CHARLES STEWART MOTT, 1963


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