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Restoring Community Vitality

We support efforts to stimulate local job growth, revitalize the city center and spark new economic energy in the greater Flint area.

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How it Works

Mott is committed to helping our hometown of Flint create a cycle of economic revitalization that leads to renewed investment, opportunity and optimism throughout the city and beyond.

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Despite stubborn obstacles and unexpected challenges, such as the city’s water crisis, exciting progress has taken root. Redevelopment along Flint’s downtown corridor has attracted new businesses and residents who want to be part of the emerging energy. Organizations and people are working in partnership to cultivate that same vitality in neighborhoods beyond the city center.

Flint’s legendary entrepreneurial spirit is seen in the creativity and innovation surfacing at local makerspaces and business incubators. And the area’s public and private sectors are coming together in unique and inspiring ways to help the community craft a blueprint for future prosperity.

With the onset of the water crisis, our support for these and other revitalization efforts in Flint took on a new sense of urgency and importance. Today we are committed to helping the community maintain and multiply its forward momentum, and to cultivating the determination, strength and capacity for success that abounds in our hometown.

This grantmaking focuses on four objectives:

A Vibrant Local and Regional Economy

We seek the development of a robust and diverse local and regional economy that builds on the area’s strengths and assets.

Specifically, we make grants to build the capacity of organizations that are working to cultivate economic growth and a diversified employment base in Flint and the region.

Attract Investment to Downtown Flint

We envision a city center that attracts both public and private investment.

We make grants to:

  • Support projects, including the redevelopment and reuse of key downtown properties, that contribute to the city’s ongoing revitalization.
  • Build the capacity of local partners to develop and implement strategies which support that revitalization.

Affordable Housing and Livable Neighborhoods

This grantmaking seeks to cultivate affordable housing opportunities and strong neighborhoods in and around the city.

We make grants to:

  • Support the development of strategies that have the potential to help stabilize and revitalize area neighborhoods.
  • Build the capacity of local partners to implement those action plans.

A Connected Entrepreneurial Community

This work aims to grow a vibrant community of local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We make grants to:

  • Organizations that provide training and other supportive services to entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Cultivate a robust entrepreneurial culture throughout the city and region.
It is because good people and organizations continue to work together in partnership for the benefit of the community that we are confident Flint will continue to move forward through hard times to new opportunities.”
William S. White and Ridgway H. White — 2016. WILLIAM S. WHITE AND RIDGWAY WHITE


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