Flint Area

Revitalizing the Education Continuum

We work to increase educational opportunities that will help Flint area children, youth and adults achieve success in the classroom and the workplace.

A child wearing a yellow eye mask, cap and gown holds a certificate of achievement for completing pre-kindergarten. Two smiling women stand behind the child, one holds a balloon that says "congrats grad."

How it Works

From our earliest days, Mott’s work in Flint has embraced the essential role that education plays in shaping the community values, norms and institutions that help people achieve their full potential.

A smiling young boy hands from an outdoor gymnasium. He wears a shirt with the text Flint Cultural Center Academy.

Early Childhood Education

This grantmaking seeks to increase access to high quality early childhood education in Flint and contribute to state and national policy conversations about the need for more robust early care and learning opportunities.

Specifically, we make grants to:

  • Support the collection and analysis of data at two pilot demonstration sites in Flint.
  • Connect the work in Flint with the national Educare Learning Network, thereby supporting impact in our home community and across the country.

Strong K-12 Ecosystem for Flint Kids

This work seeks to cultivate a strong, sustainable K-12 ecosystem that provides Flint kids with high-quality educational choices.

We make grants to:

  • Help ensure schools that serve Flint kids have the capacity to improve academic outcomes for students.
  • Create additional opportunities for parents, caregivers and the community to be engaged in student success.
  • Support school environments that promote successful teaching and learning.
  • Provide Flint kids and families with resources that promote well-being.

College and Career Pathways

This work seeks to ensure that residents have access to multiple educational and career pathways.

We make grants to:

  • Provide opportunities and resources to help residents prepare to enter college or the workforce and be successful.
  • Strengthen the capacity of area colleges and universities to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to pursue a higher education.
  • Help unemployed and underemployed residents obtain the job and skills training they need to enter and succeed in the labor market.
The kids in Flint deserve the very best educational opportunities possible, from the classroom to before- and after-school programs and beyond. We need to surround and support them with as many high quality learning experiences as we can.”


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