Nicholas S. Deychakiwsky

Program Officer

Civil Society


Nick Deychakiwsky is a program officer working in two Civil Society program areas: Strengthening Civic Space and Enhancing Community Philanthropy. In late 1990, Deychakiwsky moved to Ukraine, where he worked in various roles supporting democratic and economic reform before joining the Mott Foundation in 2000. Working in the Foundation’s former Prague office, he was responsible for grantmaking in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova until late 2006. He subsequently managed U.S. and global nonprofit/philanthropic sector infrastructure and community philanthropy grantmaking. He is a board member of the United Philanthropy Forum and serves on the Global Philanthropy Forum’s Steering Group.

Deychakiwsky earned an MBA from Columbia University and worked for Mobil Oil as a supply analyst before returning to school to study music and obtain a master’s degree in Choral Conducting. He is an avid fan of his hometown Cleveland sports teams and enjoys arranging Ukrainian folk music, playing the bandura, reading science fiction and bike riding.

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