Trustees and Staff

Meet the people working to support our grantees and help them advance change.

The philosophy of the Mott Foundation can be boiled down to just one word — people. C.S. Harding Mott

In Memoriam: William S. White

The trustees and staff of the Mott Foundation mourn the passing of William S. White, chairman of the Foundation’s board of trustees.


  • Chairman

    Ridgway H. White

  • Vice Chairman

    Frederick S. Kirkpatrick*

  • A. Marshall Acuff Jr.

  • Charlie Nelms

  • Lizabeth Ardisana

  • Douglas X. Patiño**

  • Tiffany W. Lovett

  • Jeremy R. M. Piper

  • Webb F. Martin

  • William H. Piper

  • Olivia P. Maynard

  • George E. Ross

  • John Morning**

  • Marise M. M. Stewart

  • Maryanne Mott

  • Helen Taylor

  • Dr. Bobby Mukkamala

The Members of the corporation are Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Tiffany W. Lovett, Maryanne Mott, William H. Piper, Marise M.M. Stewart and Ridgway H. White

*Serves as presiding/lead outside director.
**Trustee Emeritus

Note: All applicants need to follow the Foundation’s standard Application Procedures; please do not contact Trustees directly.

Officers & Staff