Trustees and Staff

Meet the people working to support our grantees and help them advance change.

All the philosophy about our Mott Foundation can be boiled down to just one word — people. C.S. Harding Mott

In Memoriam: William S. White

The trustees and staff of the Mott Foundation mourn the passing of William S. White, chairman of the Foundation’s board of trustees.


  • Chairman

    Ridgway H. White

  • Vice Chairman

    Frederick S. Kirkpatrick*

  • A. Marshall Acuff Jr.

  • Charlie Nelms

  • Lizabeth Ardisana

  • Douglas X. Patiño**

  • Tiffany W. Lovett

  • Jeremy R. M. Piper

  • Webb F. Martin

  • William H. Piper

  • Olivia P. Maynard

  • George E. Ross

  • John Morning**

  • Marise M. M. Stewart

  • Maryanne Mott

  • Helen Taylor

  • Dr. Bobby Mukkamala

The Members of the corporation are Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Tiffany W. Lovett, Maryanne Mott, William H. Piper, Marise M.M. Stewart and Ridgway H. White

*Serves as presiding/lead outside director.
**Trustee Emeritus

Note: All applicants need to follow the Foundation’s standard Application Procedures; please do not contact Trustees directly.

Officers & Staff