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Grassroots Legal Empowerment Fund

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Washington, DC

United States

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Grant Period

January 1, 2021 -
December 31, 2030

The Fund for Global Human Rights will establish and operate a 10-year, $100 million Legal Empowerment Fund to support grassroots legal actors focused on ensuring access to justice for marginalized and vulnerable communities around the world. The grantee will seek to draw support from a variety of public and private donors and use these resources to provide long-term organizational support for the field. Specifically, the project will support groups to invoke the law, regulations and policies to access justice; organize and take collective action to reform the legal framework to provide better protections for communities; and generate and share learning both on best practices in the application of legal empowerment strategies as well as on adaptation and developing new approaches. The grantee will also attract more funding and influence funding practices to prioritize long-term flexible support to grassroots groups. Established in 2002, the Fund for Global Human Rights is a public foundation that works to advance human rights globally by providing frontline activists, organizations and movements around the world with funding, technical assistance and opportunities for national and transnational organizing.

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