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Spotlighting Tapajos Hydro Development

Grant Amount


Geographic Focus

South America

Grantee Location

Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro


Grantee Website

Grant Period

August 1, 2019 -
March 31, 2021

Uma Gota no Oceano (A Drop in the Ocean) is a Brazilian strategic communications agency that develops narratives, using videos and information for print, broadcast and social media. The grantee develops media stories and videos and influences major media networks to cover stories related to energy development finance and its impacts on sustainability and affected communities. The grantee continues to build upon its successful media strategies to raise the public debate about key issues influencing sustainable energy development. The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic imposed a more difficult and challenging reality, which required additional staff to focus on this issue to ensure information reaches indigenous communities as well as for the voice of traditional peoples to reach the professional press. This grant increase will help support such coronavirus strategic communications work.

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