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Strengthening Community

This program area supports programs that provide opportunities for children and families, improve neighborhoods and the community and sustain a vibrant nonprofit sector.

Grantmaking supports activities addressing issues that impact children, families and neighborhoods in the Flint area.

Funding is provided through three objectives.

Funding priorities for Children and Families

Grantmaking under this objective strives to support healthy communities and provide youth with greater opportunities for summer activities and employment.

We seek healthy and productive lives for Genesee County children and families. We are making grants:

  • To organizations that address critical issues facing local families and their children.
  • To organizations that improve opportunities for area youth.

Funding priorities for Housing and Neighborhoods

Grantmaking under this objective supports key housing agencies as well as strategic opportunities for improving the quality of housing in the community.

We seek affordable housing and livable neighborhoods, with an emphasis on the city of Flint. We are making grants:

  • To organizations providing direct services, technical assistance, research and advocacy on housing issues for low-income residents of Flint.
  • To organizations providing new and renovated housing units for low- and moderate-income residents.
  • For housing that will assist with the redevelopment of downtown Flint.

Funding priorities for Philanthropy/Nonprofit Sector

Grantmaking under this objective focuses on providing local nonprofits with access to technical assistance to build organizational capacity and leadership as well as building the capacity of the local community foundation.

We seek a strong local nonprofit sector capable of meeting community needs. We are making grants:

  • For organizational assessment and capacity building for local nonprofits.
  • For technical assistance for organizations providing crucial community services.
  • For endowment and program support to the local community foundation.